Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Spencer Crawley

Spencer is the Co-founder & Managing Partner of firstminute capital.

Spencer Crawley is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of firstminute capital, a $400m seed fund backed by 130 unicorn founders.

firstminute's portfolio includes Wayve (who in May 2024 announced the largest ever raise for a European AI company) and Mistral. The firm invests at the seed-stage across technology sectors, with a team of 19 spread across UK, France and Germany. Spencer is responsible for the day-to-day management of the firm.

Spencer started his career at Goldman Sachs in Moscow in the Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities division, joining a Goldman spin-out Private Equity firm after, and speaks fluent Russian. Prior to that, he studied History at Exeter College, Oxford, where he received the Waugh scholarship.

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