why us?

Community is our superpower

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Who are we?

firstminute capital is a $400m AUM sector-agnostic seed fund backed by 130 unicorn founders, including over 20 founders of $10bn+ businesses. Our General Partner Brent Hoberman is a double unicorn founder.

Yet, we are more than a fund. We’re an ecosystem of entrepreneurs from all over the world who, facilitated by firstminute capital’s team, come together to help one another, turn vision into reality and create the future.

Our community is our edge. It is the source of the transformational support we offer to our partners who are warmly welcomed inside.

An invitation into the firstminute capital community is secured by those with a special kind of spirit, not just a solid spreadsheet. A rare breed driven by a powerful characteristic we call, ‘Magnetic Ambition.’

Those with it often don’t recognise it in themselves, yet they are propelled forward by it, every day. We see it in their ability to capture hearts and minds with their vision, their belief and their commitment.

When we find a founder with Magnetic Ambition, we open the door to the firstminute capital community and we give them everything they need.

At your service

What can founders expect from working with us? First of all, our 8-person investment team will fight for founders. Between us, members of the team have backed 10 unicorn startups at seed; we have IPO-ed companies; we have started companies; we have fundraised ourselves and we have failed and picked ourselves up again.

So we are all here to help with advice, strategy brainstorming, product workshops, introductions to customers, raising a Series A or just being there for you in the tough times as well as the good times. If we can't help, we'll know someone in our extensive network who can and we'll make that intro.

On top of the investment team, founders also get the whole "platform" team, which is another 11 people dedicated to helping founders scale their business and help with areas such as hiring and marketing. Our goal is to be the most helpful seed fund in Europe. We love to help founders build.

Network effects

At firstminute, we see ourselves as collaboration catalysts. We act to unlock the value our the community and bring our own expertise to bear when the time is right.

Thanks to our 130 unicorn backers as well as a network of top CEO supporting us, firstminute has an extensive global reach. We like to bring on our investors — some of the top angels in the world — into our deals and as advisers to supercharge companies.

firstminute's co-founder is Brent Hoberman, who after founding and exiting two unicorn startups himself created a network of companies under the 'Founders' umbrella. These include a world-class event series called Founders Forum as well as a consultancy, a recruitment firm, a charitable arm and Europe's largest incubator-accelerator.

This whole ecosystem is part of our network, which helps with everything from sales introduction to finding top talent. We also have a large investor network to help with that Series A fundraise and beyond, having done deals with our friend at funds such as Tiger Global, Sequoia, Benchmark, a16z, Coatue and Atomico.

Being part of our community, with our events and parties with some of the biggest names in tech and business, means you will be working with the best. We do an annual retreat for founders as well as regular drinks and dinners.

Every year we hold our flagship summit in London which brings together firstminute investors, portfolio founders, partners from the top US and European multi-stage funds, and friends who are all bright lights in the tech community. Read more about that here.

Do you have that magnetic ambition?

How do we define magnetic ambition? It’s not something you can see. It’s not something you can touch. It defies measurement. And, it never stands still.

At firstminute capital we’re obsessed with it. And when we find it, we give it everything it needs.

If you’ve got it in you, we want to partner with you. Get in touch below.