Community is our superpower

At firstminute, we talk about bringing founders into our community and leveraging the network to turbocharge them to Series A and beyond. But then, so does every VC. So, why do we think our community of founders backing founders is a little different?

Our investors. Ranging from traditional blue-chip institutions to over 130 unicorn founders, including Google's Eric Schmidt, SciFi's Nellie, and Paypal's Max Levchin. We're fortunate to have access to individuals who have spearheaded the growth of major tech companies and know what it takes to succeed.

Founders Forum. Brent’s annual event, 20 years on, has become one of tech industry's most celebrated ecosystems, attracting superstar founders, heads of state, thought leaders and investors. The Founders Group now has several services businesses focused on helping founders at every stage. So come to our offices and feel the buzz - you’re sure to meet someone who can help you think through that latest problem!

Our Portfolio. Our founders are today’s experts across all sectors, from Climate to Health to Enterprise and AI. Their companies span all stages - from just-incorporated all the way to unicorn. We foster founder-to-founder networks amongst our portfolio because we know the only people who truly understand the founder journey are founders themselves.

Our team. We’re here to be your champions, advisors and connectors. There is nothing we love more than introducing maverick thinkers to each other and watching the future unfold. Our team is a platform of investors and experts dedicated to helping our founders scale their businesses.

How do we work with founders?

We think about our platform offering as a sprint from Seed to Series A and leverage our unique community across five distinct pillars

Talent & Network
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Events & Community
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Business Development
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Storytelling, Press & PR
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