Head of Community and Events

Anaïs Benazet

Anaïs is Head of Community and Events at firstminute capital.

She joined firstminute in 2017 after 5 years working at Founders Forum as Head of Events where she orchestrated top-level events for the world’s leading digital and technology.

At firstminute, she pulls off the annual Investor Summits and Founders Retreats, orchestrates series of curated dinners around the world for our founders and LPs and also makes sure our LPs know what’s up by putting together our esteemed monthly round-up. 

Previously, Anaïs joined Monzo when they only had a couple hundred employees and went on to manage Internal Communications for their customer service team (900+ people). 

Fun fact: Anaïs has been working with Brent for the past 11 years at Founders Forum and firstminute capital, and claims she deserves a medal :-)

Anaïs loves anything involving sun and salt water, tracking all her whereabouts on a google sheet she shares with friends & family so they can locate her at any time, people-watching at airports, playing Australian Football (when not getting her nose broken) and long summer evenings in her beloved South West France.

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