Our Investment Mandate

Seeking the next generation of talent magnets at seed across all sectors

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Magnetic Ambition

We want to see a founder's magnetic ambition. The passion, expertise and maverick thinking that means the best talent in the world will queue up to join the mission.

Sector Agnostic

We love meeting the founders who teach us what the future will look like. Our job is to find the game changers in tech and we keep an open mind about what that might look like.

Seed Stage

Investing from $1m to $5m, the earlier we can team up, the more we can help. From talent to press to fundraising to intros to just having someone to call - we're called firstminute for a reason.


We are a London-based fund focused on Europe and the US, but ready to back the best founders wherever they may be.


Our founders say it best

Dominik Angerer Image

Outstanding partners since day one - helping us restructure our cap table  in our seed; introducing us to our Series A investor and helping us achieve more in less time by understanding our business/market as well as we do.

Get them in as early as possible to get you off the ground.

Dominik AngererFounder & CEO, Storyblok

Lucrezia Bisignani Image

Whole-heartedly believed in me from day one. They don’t scare away from wild ambition. There isn’t an introduction that they can’t make and they’ll go out of their way to make it happen. They also have a response time of 5 minutes or less to any email or request.

Lucrezia BisignaniFounder & CEO, Kukua

Maik Wehmeyer Image

firstminute has the strongest network I have seen from any investor so far. 

This is hiring, customer intros (huge amount of our customers come from their intros) and, most important for a Seed Fund: great connections to the Tier 1 VCs for Series A.

Maik WehmeyerCo-Founder & CEO, Taktile

Soo Choi-Andrews Image

firstminute is a unique combination of thoughtful and action-oriented. They understand what it takes to find product market fit and help us push obstacles out of the way.

We’ve talked to so many VCs since our raise. If we had to do it again, we would  100% choose firstminute. Their culture of collaboration and getting things done is what every startup needs from their seed investor.

Soo Choi-AndrewsCo-Founder & CEO, Mondoo

Koda Wang Image

High energy. No Drama. Generous network. Gracious team. firstminute is an outstanding partner that has consistently had our back. 

They don’t hesitate to make big swings on your behalf, and provide thoughtful counsel when you need. They just want to help you crush it.

Koda WangCo-Founder & CEO, Block

David Snider Image

Thank you for your incredible support and encouragement over the past year. You have assisted our development in countless ways and we are deeply appreciative. Thrilled to have you as a partner for the next phase of the business.

David SniderFounder & CEO, Harness Wealth